Return Policy

No Returns

At Image Maker Wig Studio, we have a zero-return policy.

We have been in the retail wig business for over 30 years. In that time, we have seen all types of wigs and have decided to only carry quality made product. We have many years experience with the major manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. Although it can happen, we rarely receive defective product. We personally unbox and inspect every wig that we receive in our store. If it is defective, we send it back to the manufacturer. For this reason, we have a zero return policy. If you purchase a wig online from our inventory, we can ship the product immediately. Some of our products are extremely popular and it is difficult to keep them in stock. If you see a style, that is out of stock, or not your preferred color, please contact and we will do our best to accommodate.

We are aware that there are other online retailers that offer a return policy. There are some details, regarding returns, that we would like to inform you about:

As we have mentioned, our e-commerce option is a new service we offer to the person who is familiar with the style, color and manufacturer that works best for them. Please visit our brick-and-mortar storefront - Image Maker Salon and Wig Studio, in person, if you are new to wigs. There we have items you can touch, see and try on before purchasing. Also being a current client of Image Maker Salon and Wig Studio - we retain your records and can replace your wig with an online purchase through this site.