Image Maker Salon & Wig Studio, Nicki Mohler

Welcome to Image Maker Salon & Wig Studio, where I, Nicki Mohler, am not just the owner but also your dedicated Cranial Prosthesis Fitter Specialist. I see myself as a guiding light for my clients, providing personalized support to navigate options, choose the right hair products, explore styles, and address questions related to thinning and hair loss.

The journey of Image Maker Salon & Wig Studio started as a heartfelt passion of mine. I envisioned a space where clients of all ages, races, and genders could find solace. Recognizing the various options available for thinning and hair loss situations, my goal was clear—to offer these solutions to our community. I wanted to help people embrace their image and rediscover confidence in themselves.

At Image Maker Salon & Wig Studio, we are not just Hair Specialists; we are specialists in understanding the nuances of fine and thinning hair, as well as hair loss stemming from medical or physical conditions. My commitment to you is simple: witness fabulous results, regardless of your hair type. Ever dreamt of truly "Loving Your Hair" again? I promise you, it's within reach!

Are you ready to reclaim your image and regain control over your appearance? I would be honored to meet you and embark on this transformative journey together. Let's make loving your hair a reality. Welcome to Image Maker Salon & Wig Studio, where confidence begins with every strand.

We Are Growing

We are thrilled to announce the growth of our company. The Image Maker Salon and Wig Studio family is excited to introduce our new sister company, BuyWigsUSA. This expansion enables us to connect with clients unable to visit our store in Lynchburg, Virginia. Since our establishment in 2003, we have consistently provided expert wig consultations, earning a reputation as one of the top salons in the area.